London Conference on Intelligence 2015
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Dr. James Thompson is hosting his second annual scientific conference next month:


8-10 May, #LCI15

A selection of the papers to be presented:

- Evolution vs. culture as background factors for international intelligence differences

- Spearman’s hypothesis: Hypothesis or Law?

- By their words ye shall know them: Evidence of genetic selection against general intelligence and concurrent environmental enrichment in vocabulary usage since the mid 19th century

- National-Level Indicators of Male Hormones (Androgen) Relate to the – Global Distribution of number of Scientific Publications and Nobel Prizes

- In chimpanzees, more g-loaded cognitive abilities are more heritable, evolvable, and exhibit more inter-individual variability

- General and domain-related effects of prenatal methyl-mercury exposure

- Admixture in the Americas

- Intelligence and occupational achievement in the US

- Does intelligence explain the overrepresentation of liberals and leftists in American academia?

- Population Differences in Androgen levels: A test of the Differential K theory

- A Meta-analysis of Roma Intelligence: an update

-Intelligence is correlated more with higher non-verbal ability than with verbal ability

- Using frequencies of GWAS hits to estimate selection pressure and to increase the statistical power of GWA studies

- Spearman’s hypothesis tested on group differences in personality

The cost of admission is not onerous, but to attend you need an invitation from Dr. Thompson, which you can acquire by sending him an email request. I would suggest including details in your inquiry about your scientific interests.

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