Lodi (CA.) Jihadist Sentenced
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On the eve of the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks against the U.S., Hamid Hayat, the Stockton-born son of Pakistani immigrants, was convicted of lying to the F.B.I. about attending terrorist training camps. Note here that Hayat is an American citizen but still maintains strong, jihad related ties to Pakistan—another strong argument against birthright citizenship. Hayat, rejecting a plea-bargain offer of fifteen years in jail opposed to the mandatory thirty-seven years, was sentenced to twenty-four years in federal prison. [Hamid Hayatt Sentenced, By Layla Bohm, Lodi News-Sentinel, September 11, 2007]

Of special interest to VDARE.COM readers, two imams involved in the Hayat case agreed to be deported when it was discovered that they had overstayed their R-1 visas.

And the Lodi Pakistani community, initially reported by the mainstream media as "stunned" by the FBI investigation, is going about business as usual—just like the rest of the town.

As of mid-morning the day after the sentencing, Lodi (where I live) seems indifferent. Only two comments have been posted on the News-Sentinel blog.

And at the local mini-mart, the only subject of interest was the last night's San Francisco 49er last minute-win over the Arizona Cardinals.

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