Local Pressure On Politicians
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Both of Tennessee's Senators voted against cloture on the bill, and they've made a point of announcing it.

6/26/2007 - Corker, Alexander Vote Against Cloture On Immigration Bill - Breaking News - Chattanoogan.com

Corker, Alexander Vote Against Cloture On Immigration Bill posted June 26, 2007

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) on Tuesday voted against cloture on S.1639, the immigration reform bill. The cloture motion passed by a vote of 64 to 35, but Corker has stated that he will vote against the bill in its final form as well.

The 64 votes were four above the minimum needed to revive the controversial bill.

Sen. Corker said, ”I voted against cloture on the immigration bill, as I have already done twice during this debate, and I plan to vote against the bill in its final form.

”I believe a better approach would be a more modest bill that focuses on border security, employer identification, and putting systems in place that will put us in a position to actually enforce a new immigration policy.

”We have lost credibility in Washington on this issue, and before the American people will be willing to get behind an immigration policy, we need to demonstrate to them that the federal government is going to do what it says it will do, especially when it comes to securing our border.”[MORE]

Most people don't know or care who voted on what, in the Senate or the House. Most of the time, it's only policy wonks, or people with an individual stake in a bill who have any idea what's going on here. This is big. Kay Bailey Hutchison made a similar announcement in Texas.

It looks like the people who didn't support this thing are looking ahead to what the voters will do to the Senators who did.

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