Linda Thom On California Burning: "There Are Too Many People In California And Not Enough Water"
December 06, 2017, 02:08 PM
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The attached photo, taken last night by my son, shows the wild fire burning off Highway 101 in Ventura. He had to go south and planned to go use I-5 but it was closed because of two other fires.

I have friends of thirty years who lost their home in the recent Sonoma fire in northern California. Wild fires are terrifying and tragic.

In 1990, California population was 30 million and it is now 39 million. Virtually all of the population growth results from foreign immigration and their natural increase. The huge increase began in the mid- 80's and then surged after the IRCA amnesty in 1986.

There are too many people in California and not enough water. California does not need any more people and neither does the rest of our country.

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