Like Fatty Like Son: Gangster Youtube Stars Start Young
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So the newest viral video has hit the pixels and I must say, even I was taken aback by this one. An overweight Hispanic 6-year-old decked out in a baggy pants and gold chains, raps in Spanish while two prosti-tots play flygirl in the background.

No, seriously.

While most people seem to find the whole thing quite funny, it does make one wonder, Is gangsta-rap the new American Dream?

Who knows, maybe someday "Mini Daddy" can follow in the footsteps of what looks like his uncle, 6-foot-5, 500lb Robert Echeverria, and get jail time for documenting his idiotic criminal activities on youtube. In this video, gang-member Echeverria (accompanied by two equally idiotic white guys) demonstrates how to pose as a "Kennedy" and file a false complaint with fast food restaurant Del Taco in order to get free food.

Apparently, the Rialto police didn't see the humor.

My advice: next time, try scamming Jenny Craig.

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