Lifehacker On Obstructing ICE Raids: How To Responsibly Commit A Federal Crime
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Lifehacker is site which mostly concentrates on tech lifehacks like fifty different ways to prop up your phone in a Starbucks to watch YouTube, what to do with iOS 12, so on.

But yesterday, they posted  this:

How To Responsibly Share Information About ICE Raids On Social Media, by Aimée Lutkin, June 28, 2018

Along with stuff about not posting rumors, Ms. Lutkin suggests this:

What To Do

If you see something like this take place in real-time, you should take a photo of the officials (not the people being arrested) if it’s safe to do so, and note the time, date, and location. You should also try to take down who the officials are and what kind of vehicles or set up they have. This is your first-hand account, and with a photo, you can post it to social media.

If it’s your own report or it comes from a verified source, you should prioritize contacting people in the area who you know are at risk. [Emphasis added.]

I. E. you should prioritize tipping off illegal aliens that Federal law enforcement agents. You know, I'm all for the First Amendment, but it sounds to me like this is some sort of Federal crime--aiding and abetting, helping criminals to escape. Even if it isn't, of course, it's morally wrong, and shows that Lifehacker assumes all its readers support the illegal invasion.

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