Lie, Cheat, and Steal
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Then get rewarded with the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. Illegal aliens Atanas, Mayia, and Enislav Entchev just got the amnesty and in return demanding that they be allowed to stay permanently. The initial claim is that they have lived here for 20 years and deserve to stay.

Reading between the lines, though, tells us the real story:

The Paramus Post December 15, 2011 by Mel Fabrikant

Prominent New Jersey Scholar And Son Released From Detention Following Online

Well-known researcher invited to U.S. on prestigious fellowship released from deportation proceedings after wife launched online campaign on Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released prominent researcher, consultant, and business owner Atanas Entchev and his son from detention after his wife Mayia started a campaign on that garnered more than 1,000 supporters...

"We are thrilled the Entchevs were released from detention,” added lawyer Eric Mark. “However, the Stay of Removal is a temporary and insufficient solution. We will begin immediately to work on a permanent solution to keep this talented, hard-working, and beloved family in the United States where they can continue to contribute to this country as they have for 20 years.”

But hold on. Reading carefully one gets to the truth, with alot of shading of the facts by the press.

Atanas Entchev, a prominent expert in geographic information systems and owner of New Jersey-based consulting firm Entchev GIS Architects, legally immigrated to the U.S. 20 years ago after he was awarded a prestigious fellowship by Rutgers University to expand knowledge in a specialized architectural field. His son and wife arrived two years later. After obtaining an exchange visitor visa, the family applied for asylum from Bulgaria but were denied. Atanas was then approved for a visa as an Outstanding Professor/Researcher but received faulty legal advice that led to the case not being reopened.

It appears that Entchev pere entered on either a student visa or exchange visitor's visa, F-1 Student visa or J-1 Exchange visa, in 1991, well after the fall of communism in Eastern Euriope. And he did not immigrate, he entered as a non-immigrant temporary visitor. Wife and child then arrived two years later, that makes it 1993, well into the change that had swept the former Soviet Bloc.

Then there was some sort of visa change, perhaps he entered on a B-1 business visa for the fellowship, but unlikely, but in any event he attempted to change visas presumeably from F-1 to J-1. So add a year for that. Then he and family apply for political asylum, perhaps sometime in 1994 or 1995. Obviously that was denied for fraud. There was no tyranny to be an asylee from regarding Bulgaria. Perhaps if this had been 1984 or 1985. But not well after the fall of communism.

Generally it takes several years for an asylum claim to be denied, but the Entchev family was enjoying employment authorization at that time. So, after asylum is denied, sometime in approximately, say 1998-2000, they then apply for an immigrant visa, EB-1(b) visa for pointy headed intellecutals. Its approved, but for some reason a treason bar member tells him not to accept the visa after it is approved? Perhaps because by this time the children have aged out and can no longer be on the visa? Who knows. More likely there was some issue of material factual mistatement on the visa application? All at this time he is running a successful company. Hardly the work of an academic. Perhaps that is the issue.

So then his case in removal proceedings is finished and he gets an order of removal. For what effective date, who knows. Obviously there were some appeals, but U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Opertations (ICE ERO) is not know for moving swiftly on said orders despite the fact that the Entchevs are not hiding. So, from perhaps 2005 to today there has been an outstanding remvoal order.

But basically the Entchevs were not "here legally" for 20 years. They were here legally for perhaps only 2-3 years. For most of that time the Entchevs were gaming the system and continue to do so. Also of interest, ICE ERO was aiding and abetting this game by failing to timely arrest the Entchevs, but also administering their own amnesty by failing to arrest Mayia Entchev. They let her remain free with the same removal order outstanding that they used to arrest Atanas and Enislav. This was deliberate, as they knew Mayia would do just what she did, work hard to get the administrative amnesty.

“This is a clear example of’s platform serving its purpose: to empower anyone, anywhere to take action on the issues they care about,” said Gabriela Garcia, an organizer at “The progress that Mayia Entcheva has seen with her campaign in just a matter of weeks, even as her husband has been held in detention and her family’s consulting firm has struggled as a result, demonstrates how possible it is for everyday people to make a difference.”

Had ICE ERO also arrested Mayia, there would have been no campaign to get them administrative amnesty. Had all three been arrested, they most likely would have had to submit to deportation because they would have been without the access to the communist run network and the funds to organize and administer the pressure campaign.

This is typical of ICE ERO, they almost never arrest the whole family, always leaving wife or minor children free to thwart the system.

There we have it, a story of lies and failure on behalf of a lying family of illegal aliens. All aided and abetted by ICE ERO.

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