"Libyan Rebels" And Obama's Fabulous Career
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Libyan rebels fired at forces loyal to Qaddafi during fierce fighting in downtown Tripoli on Monday. - NYT
Libyan rebels
Can you actually hit anything firing a gun from above your head? Is the fighting really that "fierce" if you can't be bothered to get behind the car right next to you and, you know, aim?
Seif al-Islam el-Qaddafi, whose capture the rebels had trumpeted since Sunday, walked as a free man to the Qaddafi-controlled luxury Rixos Hotel in the center of Tripoli early Tuesday, boasting to foreign journalists there that his father’s government was still “in control” and had lured the rebels into a trap, the BBC and news services reported. [NYT]

That's quite a strategy Col. Qatthafi has come up with — luring the enemy into the downtown of your capital. Amazing nobody has ever thought of that ploy before.
His appearance raised significant questions about the credibility of rebel leaders.

I'm shocked to hear of doubts about the credibility of anybody involved in this.

At the moment, whatever is going on in Tripoli is a confusing mess. But my prediction all along has been that once Obama started the "no-fly zone," he'd keep dropping bombs until Col. Gaddafi is gone. For example, I wrote on March 25:
Yet, the bottom line about what will happen isn't really all that confusing. What matters most is that Obama has an election coming up in 19 months. He can't afford to go into the campaign known as The President of the United States Who Started a War with Muammar Gaddafi and Failed to Win. ... 
I'm not saying that Obama had this all figured out from the moment he agreed to start the war or that he's even figured it out after a week, but it will eventually dawn on him that his alternatives are now: 
1) Lose to Crazy America-Hating Terrorist Moamar Khadaffy, or
2) Drop More Bombs. 
So he will choose what's behind Door #2. 
Of course, after Qadafi is gone, a whole bunch more stuff will happen in Libya, but, seriously, who cares? How much does Obama care about Libya versus how much does he cares about his fabulous career?
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