Lewis, Kennedy, Huxley
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I think it’s fairly generally known that writers Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis both died on the same day—not the same date, the same day—as John F. Kennedy.  What was the sequence of demise, though?

An old friend emailed in on this:

Hi, Derb.

An acquaintance of mine worked out the probable chronological order in which Aldous Huxley, C. S. Lewis, and JFK died during that day of 11/22/63 ("if the sources are correct and my time-zone math skills are ok" he wrote).

  1. C. S. Lewis - at 5:32 pm, in Oxford, England (9:23 AM in Los Angeles and 11:32 AM in Dallas).
  2. JFK - at 1:00 PM in Dallas, Texas (11:00 AM in Los Angeles and 7:00 PM in Oxford).
  3. Aldous Huxley - at 5:20 PM in Los Angeles (7:20 PM in Dallas and 1:20 AM the next morning in Oxford).

So: Lewis, then JFK about 1-1/2 hours after Lewis, then Huxley about 6 hours and 20 minutes after JFK).

Doesn't mean anything one way or the other, of course, but I thought it was interesting.

To the interested, all things are interesting.  Huxley, by the way, asked for and got injections of LSD on his deathbed, and died under the influence.  Far out!


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