Let's thank Sheriff Arpaio!
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VDARE writer Ellison Lodge has recently reminded us [Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio vs. Obama’s Emerging Stealth Amnesty, August 16, 2009] of the national treasure we have in no-nonsense Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Arpaio has been elected and re-elected to his office four times, and he makes it clear, amid the tumult focused on him by the Treason Lobby and their associated political roundheels, that his responsibility is to American citizens, not other public officials. If each state in the union had several sheriffs like Arpaio, illegal immigration wouldn't be a massive, festering problem.

So let's tell him we appreciate him! My idea is to have VDARE readers send him picture postcards from all over the country.

Postcards don't require opening envelopes and, unlike emails, force the writer to be brief, presumably a benefit since I've heard that he reads all his mail. Plus postcards are something tangible and non-astroturf-y that the good sheriff can wave at reporters (also unlike emails).

I also suggest that you sign your postcard with just your name, city, and state — omitting the street address makes it clear that you're not expecting a reply, further reducing the burden associated with your gesture of goodwill. (Perhaps including your email address on the postcard is a good compromise, but I didn't do so on mine.)

Here are the 55 words I squeezed into the message panel of a card showing Bozeman's local Bridger Mountains that will go into the mail on Wednesday, August 18:

Dear Sheriff Arpaio,

Your continuing immigration enforcement in the face of a lot of external opposition is vital to patriotic Americans all over our country. Thank you! It can't be pleasant to endure the mau-mauing from craven politicians and phony grievance groups. Thankfully, that doesn't dissuade you. To your good health!

Paul Nachman Bozeman, Montana

Here's the address to use for snail mail:
Sheriff Joe Arpaio 100 West Washington Suite 1900 Phoenix, AZ 85003
If you like this idea but sending a postcard is a bridge too far (or you don't want to spring for a 28-cent stamp), you can send a message via the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office website. See this page. ("Sheriff Appreciation Letters" is one of your possible subject choices!)
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