Lena Dunham Retracts "Barry" Accusation
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The Lena Dunham rape narrative continues collapsing. She and her publisher, Random House, now admit that the "rapist" described in her book, "Not That Kind51wu55a3QDL[1] Of Girl," wasn't named "Barry," after all.

Now they tell us!

Breitbart.com found out that a man who fits Dunham's description of "Barry" (a white Republican attending Oberlin) did not exist, but a fellow named Barry who was at Oberlin College during the school's Dunham Years has lawyered up and scratched his Facebook page.

Given that Dunham opened the chapter titled "Barry" by flatly admitting she is an "unreliable narrator," why would anyone have believed the story anyway?

And here's a question for Random House: Who was the idiot who thought Dunham's nonsense was worth publishing, and what 28-year-old feminist smart-ass could possibly have enough life experience to write a "memoir" worth reading?


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