Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson: NYAG James Is Interfering In November’s Election With Trump Prosecution/Persecution. 
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Appearing the Legal Lowdown podcast with host Imran H. Ansari to discuss New York Attorney General Letitia James’s communist lawfare against Donald Trump, Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson—founder of the very useful Legal Insurrection blog—bluntly said James is blatantly interfering in November’s presidential election.

James’s legal terrorism “is a broad attempt to take down the leading Republican candidate, to either ruin him financially or to tie him up financially or to put him in prison, or to get him convicted,” Jacobson said:

And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this is all happening in an election year. Of the four prosecutions against him, criminal prosecutions, three of them clearly could have been brought two years ago because they’re based on things related to the 2020 election, but they waited until close to an election year where they filed the cases the year before the election, knowing it would run into the election year. So I don’t think you can look at the situation and say, it’s just coincidence, or, well, it’s his fault because he engaged, allegedly in criminal behavior. These were timed for an election year. …

[T]here is a concerted effort, where prosecutors have abused, particularly in New York state, have abused their power for political purposes. And that includes the civil lawsuit by Letitia James. It includes what wasn’t a prosecution office, but it includes that ridiculous libel case against Trump, which I think will not be sustained, at least not the damages on appeal. So that’s the big takeaway, there is a concerted effort to take down Trump. …

And it’s not just speculation that at least in the New York Manhattan criminal case and the New York Civil case were politically motivated. And we know that because the prosecutors told us that when they were running for office, that their goal is to get Trump. Letitia James was particularly open and effusive about how she wanted to get not only Donald Trump, but his family. That’s completely unseemly from a prosecutor. That’s an abusive prosecutorial power. And nobody in New York State really wants to talk about that, because for the most part, the media hates Donald Trump. …

But the theory in the Alvin Bragg prosecution is really novel and was criticized by a lot of liberal legal commentators, which is they took an old stale misdemeanor books and records violation and concocted a legal theory to turn it into a felony, so they could extend the statute of limitations. In the civil case, the Attorney General’s office used a civil statute that’s never been used in this way before. This is novel.

So you have two prosecutors saying they’re going to run for office to get Donald Trump. And in the case of Letitia James, his family also. …

So this is so abusive. It’s really terrible what’s happened, particularly in New York State. We can talk separately about the federal prosecutions, but what’s going on in New York State with the weaponization of prosecutors’ offices both criminally and civilly is really troubling, and it’s really something that people need to be talking more about.

What’s Going On In New York State With The Weaponization Of Prosecutors’ Offices Both Criminally And Civilly Is Really Troubling, March 23, 2024

And of course, Jacobson rightly observed, Democrats needn’t worry about the law being weaponized against them because they control the legal apparatus of the state. 


Letitia James isn’t merely trying to cripple Trump. She’s after any dissident who opposes the Democrat Party–Treason Lobby Great Replacement invasion of illegal aliens at the southwest border. 

Kindly check into the James’s legal terror campaign at, which has included repeated violations of legal ethics, including false claims about, and brazenly lying to the courts.

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