Leftist website: Peter Brimelow top Devil at American Cause Conference.
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Helpfully, and once again indicative of the vast resources available to the Left, a radical website has been first to put up an account and some audio transcript of the American Cause Conference this weekend. Under Misspelled Banner, Buchanan And White Nationalist Brimelow Argue For English-Only Initiatives Think Progress Monday June 22 2009

We at VDARE.com are gratified to see that we, particularly Peter Brimelow, appear to have been cast as Diabolical Element in Chief — which we think accurately reflects our position in the intellectual food chain on the Right.

The author, Lee Fang seems to feel his/her/its reporting job fulfilled by pointing out a spelling mistake on the American Cause banner. No doubt Peter Brimelow would respond this sort of thing is increasingly inevitable as the new generation educated by the modern Teacher’s Union’s' minions becomes more dominant.

Scanning the extremely low-quality comment thread, it is clear the other side has no comprehension of the power of the strategies referred to here, much less how to answer them

No wonder they so desperately want the Hate Bill passed!

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