Leftist French Voters Shifting Against Immigration—But Will Their Leaders Heed Denmark?
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During what seems like an unremitting flood of immigration betrayal, the valuable European news aggregator Remix has found something promising: Support for mass immigration among French left has plummeted in last 5 yearsby Thomas Brooke, April 11, 2023.

An in-depth survey, conducted by French research and consulting group, BVA France, observed a hardening on the topic of immigration across the French public when compared with the same study conducted in 2018.

Nearly seven out of 10 French people (69 percent) believe “there are too many immigrants in France today,” a view that has seen an increase in support of six points compared to the 2018 study.

What is really striking about the new survey is

…when analyzing the attitude of those who affiliate with left-leaning political parties, this statement is supported by 48 percent, up 21 points in just five years…

…within Jean-Luc Melancon’s left-wing populist La France Insoumise party, a majority of supporters (51 percent) agree with the statement, and one in two (50 percent) supporters of Europe Écologie Les Verts (“The Greens”) agree with the statement. This is an increase of 20 percent and 22 percent, respectively, in support of the statement among those who affiliate themselves with the two left-wing parties when compared to the 2018 study.

Although a minority (43 percent) still agree that France has too much immigration among supporters of the Socialist Party, this figure has also increased by 18 points in five years.

In a familiar pattern,

Moreover, 83 percent of French people consider it difficult to talk about immigration today,

Meaning the French Treason Lobby is feeling threatened.

Remix also supplied the information for my blog Denmark Produces Immigration Patriot Leftist (!) Female (!!) Prime Minister. What Can U.S. Learn?, which reported that in addition to running the most restrictive immigration policy in Europe, the Danish Social Democratic Government provides detailed and frank statistics on immigrant social performance (very bad of course). Most other Governments suppress this information.

(News of this policy was subsequently echoed by a Washington Post article: How progressive Denmark became the face of the anti-migration left, by Emily Rauhala, April 6, 2023. However, Rauhala avoided mentioning Denmark’s practice of accurately reporting on immigrant social performance. Very inconvenient for sob stories!)

So a shift of opinion in the European left electorate does seem to be underway.

Of course, being against mass immigration was the left’s traditional stance when its leaders actually  cared about workers. But now, so far only the left’s leaders in Denmark have responded.


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