Left Rejoices When Alien Murderer Dies In ICE Custody—Because They Blame America, Like Always
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The Left rejoices when an alien dies. Why? Because it helps them towards their goal of an open border. Remember the three-year-old Syrian boy who died trying to get to Greece? Or how about the 16-year-old Guatemalan boy who died from a brain infection in2019?  

The Guardian is quick to point out he died “in US custody,” but the paper barely mentions the surgery done trying to save his life. How much did that cost the American taxpayer?

So I wasn’t surprised when the Left rejoiced when the six aliens (I’m not sure of their legal status) died falling into the water from the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore [Baltimore: immigrants died doing job ’others do not want to do,’ by Gabriella Borter, Reuters, March 29, 2024].

“Never let a crisis go to waste.” The Left exploits their deaths for the open border.

It’s quite possible that they didn’t have a chance and were knocked unconscious into the water. However, one thing that I learned working on the Rio Grande was that a sizeable portion of Mexicans and Central Americans do not know how to swim. Nothing will get you killed more quickly than not knowing how to swim and finding yourself on a body of water. It’s why the smugglers used so many inner tubes. They needed something to float their illegal alien cargo across the water. Sure, there are plenty of Americans that don’t know how to swim, but Americans tend to grow up around swimming pools and diving holes. It’s quite possible that if those had been Americans on the bridge, then they would have had a better chance of survival. (They still would have had to worry about hypothermia.)

Speaking of rejoicing and exploiting an immigrant death to get the open border, I ran across this case: After He Dies In ICE Custody, Democrats Defend Illegal Convicted Of Murder [The Federalist, April 4, 2024]. Charles Leo Daniel, a black man from Trinidad and Tobago, murdered his landlord, a Jamaican-American, back in 2003 (doing the jobs Americans won’t). Why are Democratic Senators Edward Markey, Richard “Dick” Durbin, Elizabeth Warren, Martin Heinrich, Peter Welch, Patty Murray, Bernie Sanders, Laphonza Butler, Mazie Hirono, Maria Cantwell, Cory “Spartacus” Booker, and Alex Padilla rallying around this poor wittle murderer?

Because he was kept in solitary confinement.

Well, boohoo. Maybe if he hadn’t committed a murder, he wouldn’t have found himself in that predicament. Actually, I bet that even though he did commit a homicide he still wouldn’t have been in solitary except that he refused to abide by prison rules once behind bars.

If this doesn’t show you that Democrats view criminal immigrants as better than you, what will?

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