Least Surprising Story Of The Week: Black Charity Run By "Ngozi Fulani" Has Dubious Finances
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Least surprising story of the week concerns the (relatively) young black lady who took offense when an elderly white retainer, also a lady, at the court of the British monarch tried to engage her in conversation. Liberals all over were shrieking and fainting at the old lady’s ”racism.

The younger of the two parties in this story, the black on, runs a charity for  ”victims of abuse and violence within the African and Caribbean communities.” So I guess this charity only caters to other black women. Is that legal in Britain? Apparently it is.

At any rate the charity gets government money from London’s municipal government and other sources. They reported total income of £363,506 last year.

And all that money was spent helping poor battered black women, right? Apparently not. Questions have been raised, and the Charity Commission, which oversees charities in Britain, is undertaking an investigation.

A black-run charity with dubious finances… As I said, the least surprising story of the week.

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