Lawyering While White: Dangerous to Your Health
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I don't do criminal defense, but I know attorneys who do. Most are liberal or apolitical. Still, they don't hesitate to relay the deep anti-white hatreds of some of their clients, most of whom are black. Some will refuse to have a white attorney appointed: "I don't want the white mutha******," they declare.

Ah, to be liberated to speak your mind on racial issues. These criminal defendants find company with corporations like Wal-Mart, which will drop a law firm if it is "too white."

Anyway, luckily, no attorney I know has had an experience like this:Former prosecution may have prompted attack, By Sarah Rodriguez,Virginia Lawyers Weekly, August 18, 2008

This recollection, from the local legal press, was probably prompted by this story, about a 32-year-old lawyer nearly killed by her client, David Allen Hagelin (race unknown), last year.

In the recollection from attorney Charles Crosby, the journalists make the spin that Crosby's former prosecution must have set off the defendant. But with an outburst like "I'm going to kill that white m***** f*****," it's a little hard to get around the racial angle.

And don't forget: for any charges resulting from attemped lawyer-murder, the defendant will get... another lawyer. Paid for by taxpayers. Where does this end, exactly?

To recap: you've got two racial groups, both of which have been at odds since one had the thoroughly despicable idea of enslaving the other. In ensuing decades, the first racial group has bent over backward to accommodate the second, but the second continues to commit crime far out of proportion to its percentage in the population. Despite this, the legal system created by the first group—with an assumption of intra-ethnic agreeability—affords overly generous protections to criminal defendants of the second, whose own homelands likely afford far less, if any, protection. And within this generosity, the very individuals assigned to help with the defense—at the expense fo the first group—risk having their carotid arteries punctured. I can pretty much guarantee you that this is not what the framers envisioned when they penned the 6th Amendment.

Remember that joke from Jerry Seinfeld, about space aliens observing the human ritual of dog-walking and wondering which of the creatures was in charge? I imagine how baffled an observer from another planet would be to witness our racial dynamics here.

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