Law Firm Now Answering Only in Spanish
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Once upon a time yesterday in America, we put up with those annoying "Press one for English, press two for Spanish" telephone time-wasters (and if an economist were useful, he'd tally up the money lost for all those wasted millions of seconds added up).

Not to fear—things are streamlining.  One East Coast law firm specializing in personal injury now just answers the phone in Spanish.

Try for yourself and see.  Incredulous after hearing this (I dialed 1-800-488-4LAW), I asked the person if there were an English line.  Si, he said, try 1-888-439-4539.  Dial that for yourself, as well, and see what happens.  Spanish again.

It says something about what's become of America—and the law—when an enterprise switches from a Spanish/English combo to Spanish alone.  My personal reaction is the same in both languages:  "No." 

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