Law Firm Levi & Michael and SportsNet NY Stoop to a New Low in Hispandering
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On Sunday, during the last game of Los Mets’ lost season (70-92), mixed in with the usual GEICO revolving lizard/plastic eyes on cash/cavemen commercials; insufferable, Citibank muppies (middle-aged, urban professionals), virtually none of whom are white, heterosexual men; ailing Hispanics, blacks, and Brits (and now, one token white man–he must be gay, or a communist) for the NY State Smokers’ Quitline; and HSBC ”citizens of the world,” who are ”content to let the government decide how many people to let in,” standing on HSBC soapboxes (I kid you not!); SportsNet NY (better known as SNY), the local cable channel which broadcasts most of the team’s games, ran an ad I’d never seen before … in Spanish. All Spanish.

A tall, skinny, pale, white, 30-something woman is the star, representing the law firm of Levi & Michael LLP. At one point, in a mock courtroom, she addresses a jury, entirely in Spanish. Then the heavyset, 40-something, Mestizo jury forewoman–the colorations of the performers were certainly no accident; if you don’t believe me, just watch a Spanish soap opera–reads the jury’s verdict aloud, entirely in Spanish.

Levi & Michael apparently seeks to tap into the lucrative, illegal alien frivolous lawsuit racket.

Someone needs to tell the folks at Levi & Michael that America is an English-speaking country and, with the exception of Maricopa County (AZ) Superior Court Presiding Judge Barbara Mundell’s unconstitutional, Spanish-speaking, DUI court, doesn’t have Spanish-speaking courts (yet). Levi & Michael apparently wishes to change this situation.

Not coincidentally, arch-hispanderer Fred Wilpon, the owner of Los Mets (the team formerly known as the New York Mets), is majority owner of SNY, in partnership with Time Warner and Comcast. Let the folks at Levi & Michael know what you think of their ad:

Tel. (212) 580-9800 Fax (212) 580-9809 Worthless L&M Web site contact page

Let SNY know what you think: Tel. (212) 485-4800 Worthless SNY Web site contact page SNY President Steve Raab was formerly the company’s vice president of marketing. Marketing to whom, one wonders?

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