Lampedusa Will Have Consequences: New Libyan Regime Not Worth This Price
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More Revenge For Gadaffi

More Revenge For Gadaffi

This striking image (caption mine) is from a powerful post on Wednesday at Gates of Vienna: Camp of the Saints: The 50,000 Mark

The last few days’ arrivals at Lampedusa have brought about 700 new illegal migrants to Italy and raised the year’s total above the 50,000 mark, requiring an update of the Cultural Enrichment Thermometer at the top of this post.

Two boatloads of enrichment have landed since our last report.

The blog goes on to supply the dramatic details. has long been interested in this enterprising riposte by Libya’s Colonel Gadaffi, which of course is only happening because of the cowardly irresponsibility of the Italian authorities in immediately trans-shipping these arrivals – overwhelmingly young black men – to the mainland. Imagine trying to pull this one on the Israelis!

Since Jared Taylor’s first book, the facts have been easily accessible: the introduction of this quantity of blacks into a white society means a substantial and statistically predictable increase in muggings, rapes, murders – and as the British have just been reminded, riots. And of course, welfare costs.

As Enoch Powell said in his great speech:

The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.

A new Libyan regime is not worth this price.

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