Lake Placid, New York[Correction:Florida]: Hispanic (?) Family Tries To Get A Marriage License For Thirteen Year Old Daughter
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Of course, I don't know for sure that the family is Hispanic, because they aren't named in the story, since this would mean naming the victim. But  this seems like a culture clash story—the age of consent in New York State is 17, and teenagers can get married with their parents' consent—but not if they're thirteen.

The age of consent in Mexico is 12.

Family tries to get marriage license for 13-year-old

She's pregnant by man, 27

Pedro Martinez

Lake Placid Police Officer Eddie San Miguel investigated the case and made the arrest.

"Interviews with the suspect and the victim found that sex occurred more than once at the victim's residence in Lake Placid, and resulted in the victim becoming pregnant," according to a press release.

Law enforcement was alerted about the two after Highlands County Courthouse employees called and said the girl's family was trying to get a marriage license for her and Martinez, according to the Lake Placid Police Department.

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