Kris Kobach Analyzes Recent Proposed Legislation in Washington
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Lou Dobbs interviewed Kris Kobach recently (6/28) for analysis of the reanimation of the too-evil-to-die DREAM Act by the Senate Democrats. The amnesty fanatics have to keep going through the motions for political reasons to keep certain parties happy, he says, even though the DREAMers are going nowhere this year.

Kobach also detailed his concerns with the Smith E-verify bill (HR 2164) that specifically pre-empts state jurisdiction, which would be ”a stab in the back to the states right after Arizona wins this big victory in the Supreme Court paves the way for other states like Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, you name it, then all of a sudden there’s this bill proposed by Lamar Smith which gives us e-verify nationally which is a good thing – it mandates all businesses use it – but the price is too high; you push the states off the field, they’re the only ones actually aggressively enforcing the law. And that why the Chamber of Commerce, which is a pro-amnesty organization, that’s why they support the Smith bill, because it’s not going to be enforced and it’s going to force the real enforcers off the field.” See video:

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