Kris Kobach Agrees “New Way Forward” Bill Is Monstrous
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Before the Tea Party and Donald Trump, the elites of the Deep State had a pretty tight grip on the little citizens, or so they thought. But the rebelliousness in recent years against the globalist rulers has angered them, and the response has been a rather shocking level of contempt and outright hatred toward the citizens elites oversee.

Below, Boston Tea Party members rally in 2010.

One expression is the “New Way Forward” bill (HR 5383) which shows extreme favoritism to illegal aliens and disdain for actual Americans — the ones who obey the laws and built the country.

As Tucker Carlson remarked recently of elite liberals who support the legislation, “This is the kind of thing you do to a country you hate and clearly they do.”

On Thursday, the longtime friend of American sovereignty Kris Kobach joined Tucker to discuss the threat of the New Way Forward legislation, starting at around 1:40 in the video below:

(Spare video here)

TUCKER CARLSON: Kris Kobach is a former Kansas Secretary of State. He’s running for Senate in that state. We’re happy to have him tonight — Kris, thanks so much for coming on.

So I can’t get past this talking point which I’ve heard again and again recently which is illegal aliens, undocumented immigrants, are more American than you are, Mr. and Mrs. American. What do you make of that?

KRIS KOBACH: It is really disturbing, Tucker, and it also echoes the New Way Forward bill, which you have laid out very clearly for viewers to see. Because the New Way Forward bill says that aliens have a, quote, right to come home, criminal aliens have a right to come home. Home.

And so if they’re as American as we are and they have a right to come home, this is a disturbing view of what they think it is to be an American. They think that America is just a place on a map, and if you stand on American soil ever so briefly, suddenly you’re an American.

But of course that’s contrary to centuries of American history. They reject assimilation, they reject an American creed that all immigrants come to adopt. And they want to break that down because the parts of the American creed, things like capitalism and the rule of law, are things that the Democrats no longer accept. So I found it really really shocking how they have adopted this mantra that illegal aliens are as American as we are.

CARLSON: Well, it sends a pretty clear message. If I said to my children, you know, the kid down the street, the one who’s always breaking into houses and never goes to school and gives us the finger when we drive to church, he’s every bit as much my child as you are. In fact, maybe even a little more. The message to the kids would be really clear, I hate you. Wouldn’t it be?

KOBACH: Yeah, yeah, exactly and the message sent by the New Way Forward bill, you mentioned many of the problems in it. On top of what you mentioned, Tucker, there’s another problem: it would turn every city in America into a Sanctuary City.

Local police would be forbidden from helping ICE in any way, and so just imagine, thousands of Americans would lose their lives, would be injured, and if you’re one of those victims of someone who’s been brought back into the United States, you’ve been injured by the illegal alien, and you’ve been betrayed by your country — in the name of what? It’s insane.

CARLSON: Yeah, in the name of what. Can they get elected on this? Is there popular support for these ideas?

KOBACH: Thank goodness, no. I don’t think so. Certainly not among Republicans and the vast majority of Independents don’t embrace this idea, and I think even a lot of Democrats too are rejecting how the leadership of their party has gone so far to the left. So much for embracing illegality in this country, and as you pointed out, embracing illegal alien criminals so much that they want to fly them back to the United States after they’ve been deported. I can’t see how that makes sense to most voters, and including Democrats.

CARLSON: It’s scary as hell. Kris Kobach, thanks so much for coming on. Good to see you.

See also Kobach’s article in Breitbart News last week: Kobach: The New Way Forward Bill Isn’t Just Bad Policy; It’s Insanity, February 17, 2010.

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