Knockout Game Attack On Texas Muslim Unrelated To Garland—It's Just That Arabs Look White To Black Teens
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Above, a policeman goes to investigate a mosque where a guy got punched—the LA Times is on it!

After every Muslim terror attack, the MSM goes around to the local Muslim association to see if they've received any "backlash"—you know, people looking sideways at them, or something. I think of this as the "MSM Backlash Libel" and we have four pages of posts on it. Steve Sailer put it this way:

Whenever a member of a protected group behaves in a stereotypically horrible fashion, such as the Iranian refugee / terrorist in Australia or the civil rights protestor / terrorist in New York, the good people, the principled humanitarians such as Tessa Kum and Al Sharpton, immediately launch a frontlash against the backlash.

New York Cop Killings: Sharpton Launches the Frontlash

The LA Times had a story in which they were trolling hopefully for "backlash"—a Muslim who was punched by some guys in the parking lot of his Dallas-area mosque.

Police said two men pulled the man to the ground and beat him, fleeing when other members of the mosque scared them off. The victim had minor injuries, including a cut over one eye.

The attackers didn't say anything and did not steal from him, authorities said.

The victim told police he was probably targeted "for reasons other than his religion or ethnicity," officials said.

Worshiper attacked while leaving Dallas-area mosque, , by Sarah Parini, May 5, 2015.

Now, a guy getting punched in a parking lot in Texas is only in the LA Times because they think it's bias. If an LA Times reporter was punched in the parking lot of the Times's Spring Street office himself, he wouldn't think it worthy of a report in the paper. .

But they police didn't think it was an anti-Muslim attack, and it took some Googling to find a local news story with a description of the teens. Description is omitted in the LA Times.

When asked about a possible connection to the shooting attack in Garland, Javaid Karim, spokesperson for the Islamic Association of North Texas, said, “I’ll leave that for law enforcement to decide. I’m not here to investigate the case. But the timing is suspicious perhaps.”

The two suspects ran away and were not seen again. One was described as a chubby black male, about 6 feet 1 inch tall, wearing a black shirt. The other man was also described as a black male with shorter hair, wearing a black shirt and tan shorts. (Emphasis added. )

Man Attacked At Mosque In Richardson, May 5, 2015

It's not anti-Muslim Bias Attack, it's a Knockout Game attack! And everyone knows that those aren't news

It's also probably true that the guy was targeted "for reasons other than his religion or ethnicity". He was targeted because of the color of his skin—which was "not-Black."

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