Kimberly-Clark Relocates To Mexico—Can I Suggest A New Ad Campaign? Kleenex Tissue: We May Be Traitors But We're Cheap
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In 2003, Kimberly-Clark Health Care unveiled a global business plan that called for a reduction in U.S. manufacturing plants.

Earlier today, Kimberly-Clark announced the closure of two more locations: Draper, Utah and Pocatello, Idaho.

In 2003, the Draper facility employed 850 workers. Today, the facility operates with 451 and the Pocatello facility with 318 employees. In less than two years, Kimberly-Clarke has transferred 40% of their health care manufacturing operations to Mexico.

An AP article [Kimberly-Clark Health Care will phase out Utah, Idaho operations 7/27/05] ran this statement from Joanne Bauer, President of Kimberly-Clark Health Care:

"We have come to the difficult but necessary conclusion that realigning our manufacturing operations will enable us to improve our operating efficiency and cost-competitiveness."

The same AP article quotes John Dodd, executive vice president of global operations for Kimberly-Clark Health Care. According to Dodd, the first firings won't take place for another month.

"We'll be sitting down with our employees on a one-on-one basis to discuss their plans," Dodd said. "We'll be working with them and helping them prepare for their next career path."

Whew...let me wipe my forehead in relief. Well, not just yet. Here is a list of common household products manufacted by our friends at Kimberly-Clark:

Kleenex Scott Viva Cottonelle Huggies Pull-Ups GoodNites Little Swimmers Kotex Depend Poise Neat Sheet

I want to "improve the operating efficiency" of America so I'm going to have to let Kimberly-Clark go.

It's nothing personal, I'm just downsizing. I'm "realigning" my consumer dollars with another company in my own effort to boost "cost-competitiveness."

As for "helping" Kimberly-Clark on their "next career path" by all means, I shall. I will mail Ms. Bauer and Mr. Dodd a book that might help them better understand the Mexican officials with whom they conspired and to whom they are now beholden.

It's called Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt by Harvey MacKay.

Lesson #58 pg. 246 But Will You Love Me In The Morning?

Then take a closer look at Lesson #28 pg. 135 Your Company Is No Better Than It's Reputation In The Community.

It seems I have come to the "difficult but necessary conclusion" that Kimberly-Clark products are expendable...much the way American workers are for Kimberly-Clark.

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