Kiddie March Is Over, SLATE Says They’ll ‘Fix Democracy’
March 26, 2018, 01:08 PM
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Here’s the tweet from Slate about this weekend’s March Of The Loons:

It links to this story, a piece of refrigerator journalism for progressive Mommies and Daddies you needn’t bother reading. Here’s the nut of it:

The Parkland kids recognize that they cannot resolve America’s gun emergency without fixing its democracy, as well. On Saturday, they spoke about the vital importance of the right to vote, to demand access to the ballot and fair representation. Many kids affected by gun violence do not get to confront their representatives face to face, because those representatives feel they can ignore them with impunity. Their communities have often been gerrymandered into political irrelevance or effectively disenfranchised by voter suppression laws. Much like the gun lobby’s outsized influence in Congress warps democracy, so do routine attacks on suffrage. Some Americans may have grown numb to the attack on voting rights, or skeptical about the power of their vote. But the Parkland kids refuse to relinquish their democracy.
Maybe, but looking at the photo that accompanied the story, no one should think this bunch of geeks, freaks, sissies and weirdos could manage a two-car funeral, much less “fix democracy.”