Kevin Foley, Donald Trump, The Echo Chamber, And Me
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Over the years, I've ignored the sillier calumnies hurled at me by the Treason Lobby and its mouthpieces. But I've come to realize this is a mistake, because of the Echo Chamber effect of Googling, repetition, and the mouthpieces' incompetent idleness.

Thus Kevin Foley [email him] of the Marietta Journal just tried to smear the heroic Ann Coulter by linking her to me:

And speaking of Nazis, Coulter mentioned her close friend Peter Brimelow, the British immigrant who is president of VDARE, an organization that “warns against the polluting of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants,” according to hate-watch group, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Saddam’s revenge’ unfolds in Europe, by Kevin Foley, Marietta Journal, March 31, 2016'

My father spent 6 1/2 years in the British Army in World War II when Kevin Foley's forebears (except for the not-inconsiderable number who individually volunteered to join him) were cowering in ignominious neutrality. What is his evidence for calling me a Nazi?

Beyond that, what Foley is citing, from the discredited $PLC fundraising scam, is this smear:

Peter Brimelow, a leading anti-immigration activist and author of the bestselling anti-immigrant tome Alien Nation, is the president of the VDARE Foundation, a nonprofit that warns against the polluting of America by non-whites, Catholics, and Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Note that even the Southern Poverty Law Center does not pretend this is a direct quote. It is just a lying paraphrase. I defy Foley, or anyone else, to show where I said this.

For what it is worth (nothing, because facts don't matter to the Left), both my late wife and my second wife, and my three youngest daughters, are Catholics.

Among other things, this makes me sympathize even more with Donald Trump. Two of the recent numerous MSM SHOCK!! HORROR!! attacks on him (how come the MSM leads the opposition to him, not rival contenders?) are similarly Echo Chamber distortions.

Here's's Paul Mulshine on the Washington Post's attempt to smear Trump as a nuclear crazy. Here's's John Derbyshire (33 m) on Chris Matthews' hypocritical (given that he  claims to be a Catholic)  abortion agitation. (We'll post the transcript Wednesday night).

To hell with them all.


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