Kaus To JPod: It's The Immigration, Stupid!
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Mickey Kaus writes

John Podhoretz argues that the immigration and spending isssues can't be causing the drop in Bush's poll numbers among Republicans because

he had the same immigration plan in 2004 and spent like a sailor in his first term and still had over 90 percent support during that election year.

That might go for spending, but not immigration. Bush wasn't actively pushing the immigration plan that year, was he? And it wasn't moving through the Senate. And it wasn't on the front page. And there weren't giant media-hyped marches.[Bush's poll drop: The simplified model.| Immigration is killing his ratings. Duh!,By Mickey Kaus, Slate.com, May 10, 2006]

I suspect the "Duh!" is directed at John Podhoretz, who's something of a fanatical immigration enthusiast, who simply refuses to see anything wrong with mass immigration.

This is "Ellis Island" nostalgia, forgetting that when his ancestors were coming to America to escape persecution, they were trying to escape the people who are coming to America now.


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