Kaus: If Marco Rubio Has Learned Better, Why Won't He Say So? Answer: Adelson And Singer
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Megadonors Casino Mogul Adelson and Hedge Fund Manager Paul Singer: Both Support Amnesty

Mickey Kaus at the revived KausFiles.com:

Why Won’t Marco Answer?

It’s the Singer Not the Song: On Sunday, Bob Scheiffer asked Marco Rubio if as president he’d sign his own “Gang of 8? immigration bill. Rubio ducked, saying “That’s a hypothetical.” Yes, it is! A germane and highly informative hypothetical, which he should be able to answer. It’s his damn bill. He tried to foist it on us. Why won’t he tell us if he’d sign it? And if Rubio’s so keen on letting Republican primary voters know he’s learned his lesson, why isn’t the answer he gives simply “No, I wouldn’t sign it today”?

I don’t see the upside for Rubio in waffling — if he gets the nomination there will be plenty of ways to backslide and re-suck-up to Latino ethnocentrists. (And isn’t the point of nominating a Latino like Rubio that he doesn’t have to suck up?) Byron York notes that there was a lot of junk in the Gang of 8 bill, providing a smorgasbord of reasons for Rubio to cite when justifying  his change of heart. …[More]

Kaus's answer—Rubio may be worrying about Republican money Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer.

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