Katrina's new sound: Logs rolling
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As my Peter Brimelow remarked yesterday, shocking news events have a way of activating pre- set predelictions and agendas. Black leaders seem now to have settled into the pattern of wild and vicious statements about the Federal Govenment, (as if their community has not contributed enough wildness and viciousness in the past week) .WND even reports that Mayor Nagin is predicting he will be eliminated by the CIA! (I appreciate he is tired and overwrought, but surely the elected leader of a major city should remember enough about American governance to see this would mean the Agency trespassing on the FBI's turf?)

The inevitable demand for more subsidies is being heard. See Black faces are indelible image of Katrina Pittsburg Post-Gazette September 4 2005 - Monica Haynes and Erv Dyer: which quotes Esther Bush, head of the Pittsburgh Urban League offering:

"We should be ashamed and embarrassed by the United States...This disaster makes us question equal opportunity and fair treatment..." Bush did note a potential upside to what's happened in the aftermath of Katrina: "I hope this major tragedy provides an opportunity to talk about race and remedies and gives us permission to make change."

A.K.A. more income transfer progams.

But America is used to managing its blacks. Far more ominous for the future is that someone in the Bush Administration appears to have seized the chance to implement a regional amnesty for illegal immigrants.

President Vicente Fox urged Mexicans to seek help from emergency officials during a televised address Friday in both Spanish and English.

He said his government had reached an agreement with U.S. authorities that ''those who were not documented at the time will not be subject to any pressure or persecution whatsoever.''

Latin America Searches for Storm Victims Guardian Unlimited September 3 2005 -R Eduardo Castillo

In all the accounts of help being given in this disaster, there has never been one of anyone asking to see any proof of identification at all, let alone immigration status. Why did this benefit have to be offered? And how can it ever be reversed?

Clearly the Black Leadership is not the only faction trying to grab advantages from the Katrina catastrophe.


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