Kathy Shaidle Weighs In On The Anti-Amren.com Smear
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Kathy Shaidle weighs in on the Jared Taylor smear.

Jared vs Jared: Taylor slams DHS allegations against American Renaissance in wake of Giffords shooting Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has now issued a definitive statement:

This is so hopelessly wrong that it is hard to believe it is a genuine government document.

No one by the name of Loughner has ever been a subscriber to American Renaissance or has ever registered for an American Renaissance conference. We have no evidence that he has even visited the AR website.

American Renaissance condemns violence in the strongest possible terms, and nothing that has ever appeared in it pages could be interpreted as countenancing it.

AR is not anti-government, anti-Semitic, or anti-ZOG, as is clear from the 20 years of back issues that are posted on our website. The expression "ZOGâ" has never appeared in the pages of AR, and we have has always welcomed Jewish participation in our work.

Many of the speakers at American Renaissance conferences have been Jewish.

Although the name Gabrielle Giffords has appeared in news articles we have excerpted on our website, AR itself has never mentioned her and has certainly never criticized her policies.[More]

Shaidle points out that the leaked DHS document can't spell Giffords's name correctly. And I'd like to know who, in the DHS is responsible for this attack, which, thanks to Fox News, is now all over the airwaves and the Internet.

A newspaper in Australia says that the attack may be linked to "anti-Semitic race hate group American Renaissance."

That sentence is almost perfectly wrong, since American Renaissance is not anti-Semitic, disapproves of "race hate," is not a hate group, and is not, in fact a "group," like the Ku Klux Klan, La Raza, or the NAACP, but a newsletter and website that holds conferences every two years.

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