Kathy Shaidle On Why Minority Outreach Is Doomed To Failure
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Kathy Shaidle was making a slightly different point but it also applies to why blacks and Mexicans are unlikely to ever vote Republican in large numbers:
Conservative talk a lot about taxes. But nearly half of Americans don't pay income tax anyhow.

When a conservative hears the phrase "income tax", he thinks: "tax".

When an Obama voter hears the phrase "income tax," he thinks: "income."

Because poor people plan their lives (to the extent you can call it planning) around their income tax returns, which they spend on hair weaves, fake nails, tire rims and other essentials.

But effective communication will involve a lot of pain. Careerist hacks don't want to make factual observations related to class behaviours. Even if voters embrace them — and millions of grateful voters would — the media would crucify them.

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