Kathy Shaidle In London, Ontario, Talking About Canadian Human Rights Commissions
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Here's video of a Kathy Shaidle speech I linked to earlier.
Tonight’s question is: are Human Rights Commissions useful or obsolete? Something can’t be called ”obsolete” if it was never ”useful” in the first place.

It is commonplace to insist that the HRCs were a good idea at the time, but they’ve veered off course. Some present at the creation claim they never imagined the HRCs could have evolved into what they’ve become.

I’d argue that they were never a good idea in the first place, and that any precocious 12 year old who’d accidentally watched Truffaut’s adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 on ”Saturday Night At The Movies” could have foreseen what they would turn into.

Human Rights Commissions: Useful or Obsolete? Part 1: Intro & Kathy Shaidle from josephinejosephine on Vimeo.
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