Karl Rove, Call…Oh, Forget It.
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Perhaps this is beating a dead horse, but a team of political scientists has now validated my contention from last November that the national exit poll's claim that Bush won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote was exaggerated. A new press release from the American Political Science Association announces:

"Latino voters likely did not support President Bush’s re-election in the record numbers two national exit polls reported after the November election. So claims a research team comprised of political scientists David Leal (University of Texas-Austin), Matt Barreto (University of California-Irvine), Jongho Lee (Tomás Rivera Policy Institute), and Rodolfo de la Garza (Columbia University). The findings appear in an article entitled ‘The Latino Vote in the 2004 Election’ published in the January issue of PS: Political Science and Politics, a journal of the American Political Science Association."

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