Kansas City: African American Attacks White Couple In Non-Hate Crime
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A Kansas man and wife were attacked on their street by a man who was acting "erratically". He came across their lawn, which they were mowing, (Pat Dollard blogged this as Kansan Stops Mowing Lawn To Shoot Thief)grabbed the wife and dragged her into the house, where he started trying to steal stuff. The husband managed to get a gun from his truck, and shoot the man in the leg. This story makes no mention of the race of the victims, or of the assailant, although I have a screenshot of one moment in the video where the assailant is being loaded into the ambulance:

A later story names the man, and has a picture of him in a wheelchair.

The advantage of TV reporting over print journalism in inter-racial crimes is that while the print journalist won't mention race, the films sort of have to show it.

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