In baltimore report justice dept. revives doubts about zero tolerance policing   the new york times   2016 08 12 08.42.10
Justice Department Goes After Baltimore For Using The "Broken Windows" Tactics That Saved New York—While Leaving New York Alone
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August 12, 2016, 04:51 AM
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From the New York Times:
In Baltimore Report, Justice Dept. Revives Doubts About Zero-Tolerance Policing


The Justice Department has criticized a string of police departments nationwide for unfairly targeting blacks, but in its report on the Baltimore police, issued Wednesday, it used its most scathing language to date to denounce the zero-tolerance policing approach that has spread from New York to many departments big and small.

The broken-windows style of policing that New York evangelized with particular fervor during William J. Bratton’s first term as police commissioner is increasingly viewed more as a source of tensions with minority communities than as a successful crime-fighting strategy.
Thus, the Obama Administration has targeted its wrath upon influential metropolises like Baltimore and Ferguson, while leaving alone obscure podunkvilles like New York City. If any important people lived in New York, the Obama Administration would no doubt be all over its case for Bill Bratton’s over-zealous crime-fighting, but Ferguson and Baltimore are naturally much higher priorities.

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