Just Because You're A Hypochondriac ...
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... doesn't mean people aren't trying to sneeze on you (to adapt Henry Kissinger's observation on his paranoia). Mickey Kaus writes:

Shouldn't doctors give patients waiting to see them little hand-held beepers or vibrating devices like those some crowded restaurants give you when you're waiting for a table? That way you could wander around nearby instead of staying in the unventilated waiting room filled with coughing, sneezing people.

Mickey has been one of the few voices in the health care debate bluntly expressing how a lot of us feel deep down: Why, yes, I do want vast amounts of money spent on my personal health care.

Also, everytime I go for a walk, I end up debating with myself another one of Mickey's health/safety views:

Just realized that pedestrians should always go around intersections counterclockwise. Otherwise left-turners get you. You're welcome.
What do you think?
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