Julian Castro, the "Latino Obama", Visits President of Mexico
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San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro paid a visit to Enrique Pena Nieto, the president of Mexico. They met in Los Pinos, the Mexican White House, along with some other officials. The title of one of the related articles in the Mexican media was EPN recibe a Julián Castro, el 'Obama latino', en Los Pinos (Enrique Pena Nieto receives Julian Castro, the "Latino Obama", in Los Pinos).

According to an article from Texas Public Radio:

Looking to increase trade ties, San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Thursday. Castro also updated the president on U.S. immigration reform. Peña Nieto’s presidential term is only several months old and Castro said he’s looking for ways to improve the flow of trade between the two neighbors. Castro said he was in Mexico City looking to promote San Antonio as a major trade hub for Mexico. "We already have a lot of companies that invest in Mexico and we have a lot of Mexican companies that invest in the United States and San Antonio and we are going to do what we can to strengthen that," said Castro....

"Of course we touched on the issue of immigration reform that’s happening in the United States right now," said Castro. "That’s going to have a profound impact on San Antonio. And I relayed my experience of testifying a couple of weeks ago to Congress on the issue." Castro said San Antonio can play an important role in a growing relationship with Mexico and other countries to the south....

Castro Meets Mexico's President Peña Nieto To Talk Trade/Immigration David Martin Davies, Texas Public Radio, February 21, 2013



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