JPod Can Identify Filthy Anti-Semites Just from Their Filthy Anti-Semitic Faces
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America’s leading wit, Commentary editor John Podhoretz, explains that you can just tell who is an anti-Semite by looking at his filthy face:


Screenshot 2017-10-21 20.43.42


JPod is upset by Gareth Porter’s article in The American Conservative:

Trump Trashes Iran Deal to Satisfy Netanyahu
U.S-Iran policy is closer to Israel than it has been in years. By GARETH PORTER • October 20, 2017

Porter’s reference to the JCPOA means the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the Iran Deal. Presumably, JPod has strong opinions on the subject.

But JPod is also triggered by Gareth Porter’s obviously anti-Semitic physiognomy. The physical existence of people who look like Gareth Porter is a macroaggression against JPod.

Here’s JPod’s response to Porter.


Screenshot 2017-10-21 21.04.19

Poor Gareth Porter only qualifies as “repellent” on the JPod Scale, unlike some big timers who have made it all the way to “reprllent.”


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