Jorge Ramos Still in the Thick of Things
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This past Sunday, President Obama had five Mainstream Media reporters, one by one, over to the White House for interviews which even the New York Times called "choreographed". You can see the photos here, at the New York Times' For President, Five Programs, One Message. The five networks whose reporters were invited were CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and the Spanish-language Univision. The Fox network was not invited.

The reporter who represented Univision was none other than Jorge Ramos, about whom I've written before. Ramos was also a moderator at both the Democratic and Republican Spanish-language debates back in 2007.

Jorge Ramos is not even an American citizen, he's a Mexican citizen. Yet he´s made it to the upper echelons of the U.S. media world, has moderated presidential debates, and arrogantly promotes the Hispanicization of the United States.

Ramos, by the way is not settling for a reconquista of the U.S. Southwest, as some others have promoted. Ramos is pushing for a Hispanic demographic takeover of the whole country.

In 2007, the same year as those debates he moderated, Ramos triumphantly wrote that

We [Hispanics] are 50 million... and in a century we will be the majority of the United States.

Would Mexico allow a high-level American agitator comparable to Jorge Ramos to do similar things in Mexico? To ask the question is to answer it.

If the United States had a political leadership (of both parties) that defended our sovereignty, wouldn't Jorge Ramos be unceremoniously expelled back to Mexico?

Alas, however, we don't have such leadership, do we?

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