Jorge G. Castaneda Op-Ed On How Obama Can Betray His Country
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Call Off the Immigrant Hunt, writes Jorge G. Casta?±eda in the New York Times,[December 27, 2008] explaining how, with "with just a stroke of his pen", the President-Elect can stop the border fence from being built and  make ICE stop arresting illegals. It never seems to occur to him that this might be illegal, since the President is supposed to enforce the law, and Congress has decisively rejected amnesty, and passed legislation mandating a wall to protect America. Casta?±eda, [Send him mail] who is a professor at NYU, was Foreign Minister of Mexico in the Fox Administration until 2003. Steve Sailer called him Mexico's Talleyrand. In 1995 he wrote in the Atlantic that "Some Americans — undoubtedly more than before — dislike immigration, but there is very little they can do about it..."

He's turned out to be wrong, and he doesn't like it. Is right about Obama being willing to stop enforcement? Well, for quite a while George Bush managed it.

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