Jorge Castaneda Still Telling Us What To Do
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Remember Jorge Castaneda, Vicente Fox's first foreign minister, who demanded "the whole enchilada?" Though out of the Mexican government since 2003, Castaneda is still telling us what to do. On May 8th, he was in San Antonio giving a speech to university students and said of immigration:

"This is the single most important issue in Mexico by far. Nothing else even approaches it."

The single most important issue? It's rather incredible for you to say that the single most important issue in your country is getting people out of it!

Castaneda also predicted that failure to reach an immigration accord will strengthen anti-Americans in Mexico:

"It will give voice to the very anti-U.S., very anti-democracy, very anti-globalization interests. It will give them something to point to."

How many times have we heard this tired line before?

When Vicente Fox was president of Mexico, we were told that we had to give him what he wanted on immigration or the anti-Americans would take over.

During the 2006 Mexican election, Dick Morris hysterically warned us that if we don't surrender on immigration, Calderon would lose the election and Hugo Chavez would take over Mexico!

We didn't, Calderon won anyway, and Hugo Chavez was never on the verge of taking over Mexico anyway.

We shouldn't run our immigration policy to help or hinder political forces in Mexico. Let Mexicans choose their own leaders and make their own decisions , and let's run our own immigration policy.

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