John McCain's Cinco de Mayo Party
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With my attention paid at the pathetic pandering at the RNC, I somehow missed John McCain’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. In addition to the typical banalities about the contributions of Mexican Americans and great heroism of Mexican forces at the Battle of Puebla, he went a step further, stating there is a ”special relationship” between Mexico and America. He also launched a Spanish language website, and announced that he'd speak before the National Council of La Raza (the Race.)

McCain told reporters, "everything about our Hispanic voters is tailor-made to the Republican message...I know their patriotism, I know the respect for the family, the advocacy for pro-life, I know the small business aspect of our Hispanic voters."

A quick reality check:

Patriotism: Only 34% of Hispanics eligible for US citizenship choose to take the necessary steps to take it–less than any other immigrant group. Of that group, only a third of Hispanics who are American citizens consider themselves Americans first.

Respect for the Family: Half of Hispanic births in the US are out of wedlock.

Pro Life: Hispanics are 2.7 times more likely to have an abortion than whites.

Small Business: Hispanics make up 15% of the population and only 6.6 percent of all businesses.

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