John Lott On The Irrelevancy Of “Stand Your Ground” To The Zimmerman Trial—Mentioned On Last March
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Most of the drive by media has used the George Zimmerman case an opportunity to attack “Stand Your Ground” laws or attack firearms supporters.

John Lott at Fox News reminds us that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law is irrelevant in the Zimmerman–Martin incident. Lott notes

But Zimmerman’s defense has never raised the “Stand Your Ground” law for one simple reason: with Zimmerman on his back and Trayvon Martin holding him down, he had no option to retreat. The Zimmerman trial is already over,  July 5, 2013

This obvious fact has not stopped the drive-bys from mindless prattling about Stand Your Ground.

This was already mentioned on last year: A Reader Points Out That The “Stand Your Ground” Is Irrelevant—Zimmerman Was Reportedly PINNED To The Ground!, March 30, 2012.

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