John Fund, Economist Magazine, Ignore GOP's Immigration Iceberg
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Both the October 7 London Economist magazine and my old friend John Fund in the October 3 Wall Street Journal ponder the current demoralization and drift of the Republican Party - Fund's bluntly headed "The GOP Could Lose in '06." (Following the current suicidal fashion among treezine managers, none of the Economist story is available online, so I won't bother linking). Neither mentions Bush's immigration policy. We've bashed the Economist's wilful blindness before. Fund is a more complicated case. By contrast, the lookouts on the Titanic at least reported the iceberg. A better lookout: legendary Reagan operative Lynn Nofziger, who has quietly but sensationally suggested (scroll down to his May 19 entry) that the immigration issue may provoke a successful third party by 2008.
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