John Derbyshire Has A Politically-Incorrect Christmas Gift Suggestion
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In the November 9th broadcast of Radio Derb I reported on the outbreak of a Golliwog War, the traditional Dutch “Black Pete” figure being strafed and shelled by detachments from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

I have more dispatches from the Golliwog War front in this week’s RD (upcoming). In the meantime I have found myself so annoyed by these whiny offense-takers, I’ve half a mind to buy myself a golliwog. Can you, though?

You certainly can. Ebay is well supplied with golliwogs, and there are some excellent retail websites—concentrated in Australia and New Zealand for some reason—specializing in golliwogs.

This one is particularly good. They have male and female golliwogs, adults and children, both new and “pre-loved.” They have golliwog backpacks and golliwog key rings. They have golliwog books (including one with what must surely be the most politically incorrect jacket illustration ever), golliwog miniatures, golliwog greeting cards, golliwog refrigerator magnets, and golliwog brooches.

I’m not sure whether you can still get shipments from Australia in time for Christmas, but these would make great gifts for the anti-anti-racist relative, friend, or neighbor!


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