John Derbyshire: ChiComs Whipping Up Anti-Americanism
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Mrs. Derbyshire is on WeChat, the ChiCom-approved (and -monitored) social medium used by most mainland Chinese. A current strong theme on We-Chat is crowing about how America, having unleashed COVID-19 on the world (that is the official ChiCom government line), is now suffering deaths from the blowback. A great many Chinese people are delighted by this.

Many more aren't, but they are thinly represented on WeChat. Personal friends of mine over there who post pretty regularly on WeChat, and who are smart enough to doubt the ChiCom line, are mostly silent. Whether they are being diplomatically silent or their posts are being canceled, I don't know.

For sure anti-Americanism is running strong over there. Here is a WeChat post suggesting that a factory making those hand-held forehead thermometers for export to the U.S.A. should deliberately mis-calibrate them, to make money and harm Americans. I have no idea whether the thing was actually done, but the post is getting gleeful support from other posters.

We are dismayed to see how, after all these decades of lying, brutality, corruption, and mass murder, so many Chinese people still fall for the Communist Party line.  

Perhaps when we get around to resetting our trading relations with Communist China, a good first move would be a mass boycott of Chinese goods. Most stuff marked MADE IN CHINA is garbage anyway, as Paul Midler has amply documented



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