Joe to Hillary Clinton: Run As An Independent!
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I just went to Hillary Clinton’s website where I entered the following message: ”Please run as an Independent!”

One purpose and one purpose only motivated me. If Clinton runs as an Independent, the already high entertainment value of the November election becomes even greater. Barack Obama, Democrat vs. John McCain, "Republican" vs. Bob Barr, Libertarian , vs. Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party vs. Clinton, Independent.

With five candidates—three of them viable, all of them sniping at each other—any outcome is possible.

And since I am of the mind that Obama, Clinton and McCain are equally bad, I—as a columnist always on the hunt for fodder—opt for having the most fun possible between now and November.

One thing that does strike me as odd is the talking heads and their insistence that Clinton must do the ”right thing” for the Democratic Party.

Why should Clinton, may I ask, care about her party? It just rejected her in favor of a novice.

Clinton’s hour is now. She’s 60 and her future within the Democratic Party is non-existent. Unless she makes it to the White House in November, she’ll replace John Kerry as history’s meaningless footnote.

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