Immigration Reporter Skeptic Replaced By Reconquista
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One of the most transparent ethnic identity journalists, the infamous Ruben Navarrette, will join the San Diego Union Tribune at the end of January as a twice a week editorial writer and columnist.

Navarrette will replace Union Tribune columnist James Goldsborough who had written intelligently on illegal immigration and its impact on urban sprawl in Southern California. 

Goldsborough, who for the first time in a thirty-five year career in journalism, had a column killed without discussion or explanation, resigned from the Union Trib on the spot. It dealt, apparently, with a more dangerous subject than immigration!

The details of his departure are in his December 6th piece, "Leaving Behind a Life I Dearly Loved."

As VDARE.COM readers are well aware, Navarrette suggests he represents the Hispanic view.

But interestingly, Navarrette's most recent column published in the Washington Post on January 15th regarding Alberto Gonzales' Senate confirmation, "…At the Democrats Peril" set off a round of vigorous protests, including comments from Hispanics on the blog Daily Kos.

The first post, by "Armando," insists that Navarrette does not "speak for all Latinos."

And "Armando" takes exception to Navarrette's conclusion that if the Democrats don't vote to confirm Gonzales, then the Latino lobby will withhold support for future Democratic Congressional candidates.

Writes Navarrette: "….hurt him and we'll hurt you."

What an elegant statement of the charms of politics in a multi cultural society!

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