Joe Guzzardi Goes East, Regroups With Country
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Joe Guzzardi writes me:

Could you put up a note on the home page about my schedule?

Ever since you mentioned in your appeal that I am moving to PA , I have had dozens of e-mails asking me if I will still be writing. I don't have the time to respond to them all. I suggest something like this:

"Joe Guzzardi's regular VDARE.COM column will resume on August 1st. For the next two weeks, he will be relocating from California to Pennsylvania. His weekly column, 'View from Lodi' will also begin again in August and will remain a regular feature, the topic of which frequently will be Joe's reflections on life in California."

Joe is a third-generation Californian. We wish Joe well in Pennsylvania, but his relocation is of course part of a larger tragedy - the reversal of Americans' historic westward movement under the impact of mass non-traditional immigration, something which was becoming clear in the census data when I wrote Alien Nation in 1995, and which has even driven the Roy Rogers Museum to Missouri.

"Go West, young man", Horace Greeley is supposed to have said after the Civil War, "and grow up with the country". But now Joe Guzzard is going East because the country is being murdered.

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